Donations and Sponsorships of any size or material are welcome. To make a donation now, please visit our Indiegogo link below

or email info.ninjacircus@gmail if you have any questions. Thank you!

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Why your donations are needed: Next steps for Ninja Circus:

• A training space built at Nyangatjatjara College. So far the ninjas have been training out bush in a sand dune with a few diablos and 1 tumbling strip!
• Props and gear for practice and shows.
• Ninja uniforms for performances
• Maintenance for the Ninja Circus bus
• Travel, food, accommodation for touring and shows
• Salary for trainers, indigenous apprenticeships and employment
• Teacher on tour to continue curriculum while traveling

★ If you or your organisation can help in the form of materials rather than financial support, please let us know! Any and all donations will help get the ninjas better facilities and the ability to perform at more shows around the country and someday around the world.

★ Ninja Circus will display major sponsors on our website to publicly show our appreciation. For individual major sponsors we can also discuss other places to display names/companies/logos.